应届生求职招聘论坛 消费品/化妆品/食品/餐饮/烟草类公司 宝洁 大家都是网申完立即收到网测邀请的吗?
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[网申] 大家都是网申完立即收到网测邀请的吗?

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We highly appreciate your choice applying for the position Summer Interns - Campus Recruiting - China (校园招聘 - 2018 实习生职位), ASI00000765!

We will be reaching out to you within the next two days regarding your application.

Messages can also be found in your personal portal, so we invite you to view the functionalities of your applications account and your status by clicking here.

Thanks again for applying for a job with P&G!

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我是过了几分钟收到的 你要不再等等~

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我网测凉了 自认为做的不错

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