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[网申] 今天刚收到thank you letter

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Thank you for the time and effort you put into applying to Summer Interns - Campus Recruiting - China (校园招聘 - 2017暑期实习生职位) - ASI00000701  job at P&G.  We recognize that we ask for a lot of information from you upfront before conducting formal interviews. What you provided allows us to make an informed, objective determination of your potential for long-term success at P&G.  In arriving at a decision, we take into account a full range of data including your academic qualifications, skills, work and life experiences and more.  It is a comprehensive approach that seeks to understand who you are in as much depth as possible before asking you to commit even more of your valuable time in the selection process.

We are fortunate at P&G to attract some of the finest quality talent in the world.  Your qualifications are no exception.  However, at this time, we have concluded there is not a precise fit for your skills and abilities with the jobs we are currently seeking to fill.  This does not mean that you cannot qualify for a position in the future and we invite you to consider applying with us again in 12 months time.  We're sure you will continue to gain valuable experiences that will only further enhance your qualifications.

In the meantime, please again accept our thanks for considering P&G and taking the time to complete our application and assessment. We wish you nothing but the best on your job search and future career endeavors.  

P&G Recruiting

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