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[网申] 一不小心,一年申请了两次宝洁~(哭)

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看到宝洁又春招,又心痒申请了一次,但是我却忘了我秋招才申请过一次,于是得到这么一封邮件我应该继续完成它 还是就在这里停止~ 怎么样做才能不影响我今年10月份的秋招呢?


Thank you for applying to the position of  Full-time Entry Level Manager - Campus Recruiting - China (校园招聘 - 全职职位 - 2017年应届毕业生职位) ASI00000700.

You are being invited to Step 2 in the P&G Recruiting Process. Click here for more information.

Please note that the online assessment is a mandatory step to complete your application process and should be taken as soon as possible. If no action is taken within the next 60 days, we will move you to a no interest status. The below link will take you to the Assessment Center, where you will be prompted to login with the same user name (superyanyan1) and password you used when applying to P&G. Once you have logged in, you may proceed to: a) complete the assessment now; OR b) allow the system to register that you have completed this assessment within the past year as part of an earlier process.



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